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07 May 2008

Kareena's cabbage-apple diet

Even after she's achieved the perfect body, Kareena Kapoor continues to be obsessed with losing weight, now keeping to a diet of cabbage, apple.

A source confirms, "She has been eating things like cabbage and apple. They fill you up but give you zero calories. She has not been eating healthy food at all especially since she knew that she had to wear a bikini in Tashan."

Her trainer Payal Gidwani adds, "She had to cut down on her favourite Chinese and Thai food, as it was not good for her workouts. At the same time, Kareena could eat plenty of curd and fruits, which is her own healthy concoction." But she added that Kareena was eating regularly and was healthy.

However our source has another story to say. "It's been liquids for her. Also a lot of other food that are diuretics that won't give her any body mass but keep her energy high. It's no wonder then that she's been constantly fainting when she's had to film for long hours."

On an average one medium sized apple has 72 calories and 0.2g fat and one cup chopped cabbage has 22 calories and 0.1 gm fat. So if we assume that she eats three apples and three cups of cabbage her total calorific intake is 282 calories and 0.9gm. Normally an individual with an active lifestyle like hers has recently been with constant filming across the world she would be advised to follow a diet of a minimum of 1800 calories per day.

Another friend of the popular actress reveals that the actress' obsession with her figure is now beginning to worry her friends and family. "Her mum has been trying to explain to her to stop this
diet now and eat properly. But she just won't listen. She is obsessed about her diet. And it's worrying her close ones. Even Saif who is fond of good food and different cuisines is having a hard time getting through to her," says the friend.

And while Kareena has vehemently denied being anorexic, her extremely thin frame and her weight - 48 kgs - aren't helping matters!

(Don't) Eat like the Stars

Kareena won't be the first or the last actress to go on fad diets for roles. Numerous Hollywood beauties before her have cut down on the carbs and piled up the liquids to shed the extra flab.

Christian Bale: For his role in The Machinist actor Christian Bale lost close to 27 kilos by following a diet of coffee and apples. By the end of filming he was weighing only 59kgs for his height of 6'1"

Beyonce: Pop singer Beyonce Knowles needed to slim down for her role in Dreamgirls and so went on the Maple Syrup diet to lose close to 10 kgs in ten days. It consists of drinking a concoction of syrup, lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper.

Jennifer Aniston: While still filming for Friends, Jennifer Aniston went on the Zone Diet to lose weight. Probably one of the healthiest diets of all the Zone Diet involves eating in a ratio of 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 30 percent fat. This ratio helps up the metabolism to burn fat, as long as you choose low-starch fruits and vegetables as your carbs. Other Celebrities who have followed the Zone Diet include Renee Zellweger, Cindy Crawford and Charlie Sheen.

Jennifer Lopez: The singer actress is said to be a staunch follower of the Atkins Diet. The dieter eats more fats and less carbs. Carbohydrate intake is limited to 20 grams per day of 12 to 15 grams in the form of salad greens and other green vegetables.

source: indya.com

Posted on 07 May 2008 by admin

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