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06 Feb 2009

Saif and Kareena to kiss on-screen

Real-life couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor will share intimate moments in their untitled film directed by Renzil D'Silva for Dharma Productions.

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05 Feb 2009

‘Saifeena’: the Rs6 crore brand

Why advertisers can’t get enough of Bollywood’s couple of the moment: ‘young, hip and surefire saleable’

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04 Feb 2009

Brand Kareena all set to go international

Kareena Kapoor will don the cover of a leading international magazine. It will also have detailed write up on the big brand that she is and how her power packed performances in Hindi films have even taken the international audiences by storm.

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04 Feb 2009

Bebo is the sexiest vegetarian

The size zero debate has failed to stop Kareena Kapoor from clinching the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2008 title by PETA India. Interestingly, Bebo won the same title last year, too, along with South Indian actor R. Madhavan.

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03 Feb 2009

Bipasha takes up Kareena's reject

A long time ago, Kareena Kapoor had vigorously laughed off rumours of acting in a Hollywood film with The Mummy villian Billy Zane. Now, rumours circulate that Bipasha Basu just might work in this movie!

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03 Feb 2009

Yet another award for Kareena, more coming

Kareena Kapoor is on cloud nine. She is not only living her dream of working with Aamir Khan in Rajkumar Hirani's The 3 Idiots, it’s also raining awards for her these days.

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02 Feb 2009

Kareena recieves Vocational Excellency Award

02 Feb 2009

Kareena was offered Whats Your Rashee

Kareena also clarifies that her opting out of Raashee had nothing to do with her split with Shahid. "We're professionals, all of us. Even if I'm working in a film with Saif in place of a film with Shahid we're thorough professionals here in Philadelphia. There's no time to party or go out or do any of the fun things. We've been shooting in a tube station in below-freezing temperature and we need to cover as much work as possible in limited time."

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02 Feb 2009

Mere Baad

While Katrina Kaif has been saying that she has refused Rohit Shetty's next produced by Ajay Devgan, a source in Ajay's production house told us, "Ajay and Rohit were very keen to work with Kareena but she had to say no as she was tied up with Raju Hirani's 3 Idiots and Main Aur Mrs Khanna.

Katrina was then in the running along with Priyanka Chopra and Vidya Balan and nobody has been finalised as yet. Wonder why Katrina's talking about doing the film and then walking out!" Can she give us some answers?

source: mid-day

02 Feb 2009

Kareena friends with her tarot reader

While Prem Soni directs Kareena in Main Aur Mrs Khanna, his brother Avi is her tarot card reader

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01 Feb 2009

Sallu’s the wind beneath Bebo’s wings

That Kareena Kapoor and Salman Khan have kissed and made up, is now known. Lucky for Bebo, because Sallu immediately proved why he makes one of the nicest friends in Bollywood. The actress, who was in Panchgani, would have failed to reach Karabi in Thailand where she had to shoot a song for Sohail Khan’s Main aur Mrs. Khanna. Enter generous Salman. He organised a chartered flight for Bebo. The actress, stressed with hectic schedules, could catch a much needed shut-eye on the flight and when she reached her location was able to shoot the whole night and complete the song. Incidentally, Bebo and Sallu play a couple in the film... and she has an extramarital affair with Sohail.

Source: TOI

31 Jan 2009

"Kareena Is Nice..." - Chetan Bhagat

Hey Guys
We feel really proud to tell you all that a member of our site(Maanav) met Chetan Bhagat recently at an event called Colourful Sparks!
It was an interactive session held about general youth and Chetan Bhagats next book.
Maanav asked him some stuff about the movie 3 idiots and random questions...We bring to you some exclusive stuff

Maanav: Who is ur inspiration in bollywood?
Chetan: Basically i have not been inspired from many people but im really impressed by aamir khan..look at him...his physique...at an age like that its difficult..
A R Rahman too...when someone applauds him for his awesome score yet again he just closes himself up again thats why he stays at madras and not mumbai even...he really inspires me
Amongst new people i think Farhan Akhtar..Watch him out in Luck By Chance

Maanav:How Close are you to bollywood?
Chetan:Bollywood treats you bad...that is one bitter truth..you cant always get positive reaction from them..things dont always work out.like i was a part of the team of the movie 'hello' im not much into the making of '3 idiots'but there are some narratives that i know of...like the ragging scene is going to be shown in the movie with all three actors almost nude..but thats all...im not much into this one...but i have to stay in touch with bollywood as i know this way i can reach the masses

Maanav:Do You think Kareena Kapoor is perfect as Neha Curien?
Chetan:Kareena is nice...aakhir usme kami hi kya hai...she can play the part well...shes a fine actor!

KareenaK.Net News network

31 Jan 2009

Kareena Kapoor to get an award for Vocational Excellence

This leggy lass has been making waves for a while now. Be it for her stunning performance in films or her well known size zero image, Kareena Kapoor has stormed the world of glitz and glamour to emerge as the most sought after star. And this young star is not far behind when it comes to winning accolades for her achievements. Kareena who was just awarded the India Today Woman Award, 2009 for her contribution to the world of art and cinema will soon be adding another trophy to her list.

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30 Jan 2009

Kareena to get Rotary Club award

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor will be honoured by the Rotary Club for being the youngest achiever of the film industry.She will be given the Vocational Excellence Award by Bansi Dhurandhar Feb 1 here at the Grand Hyatt, Santacruz.

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28 Jan 2009

Kareena Kapoor to receive an award from Erin Brokovich

Bollywood's eternal heartthrob Kareena Kapoor must surely be on cloud nine these days for reasons more than one. If you thought that her film 3 Idiots (her dream come true film with Aamir Khan) tops her list, then, its time for you to rearrange the 'toppings', as Bebo will now be presented an award for her contribution to art and cinema in February, by none other than the world-renowned environmental activist Erin Brokovich!

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